South Burnett Queensland

The South Burnett is located about 2 to 3 hours drive north-west of Brisbane and roughly 2 hours  from the Sunshine Coast.
The South Burnett Region covers an area 8,399 square kilometres (3,243 sq mi), containing an estimated resident population of over 30,000.

The region is probably best known for peanuts (Kingaroy is famous as the "Peanut Capital of Australia!"), the Bunya Mountains National Park and wineries.

Towns are a short distance apart in a small area, making it very easy to explore on a day trip or on a weekend.

Towns in the South Burnett
  • Kingaroy
  • Benarkin
  • Blackbutt
  • Boondooma
  • Brooklands
  • Bunya Mountains
  • Cherbourg
  • Cloyna
  • Coolabunia
  • Durong
  • Ficks Crossing
  • Goodger
  • Hivesville
  • Inverlaw
  • Kumbia
  • Maidenwell
  • Memerambi
  • Moffatdale
  • Mondure
  • Murgon
  • Nanango
  • Proston
  • Taabinga
  • Tingoora
  • Wheatlands
  • Windera
  • Wondai
  • Wooroolin
  • Wooroonden

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