Queensland and Queenslanders

People from the southern states of Australia sometimes refer to Queensland as "The Deep North", in allusion to the Deep South of the United States and the socio-political stereotype associated with it. This was notably the case during the 1970s and early 1980s, when Joh Bjelke-Petersen was Premier, and again in the 1990s, when Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party from Queensland became a significant force in Australian politics.

The rivalry between the states of New South Wales and Queensland goes back over 100 years, stemming from the attitude that New South Wales was the "Mother Colony" while Queensland was viewed as a poorer cousin.

A Deep North Stereotype

This rivalry has been played out through sport over the years. In Queensland there has been a general ill-feeling over the number of sports people leaving their home state for New South Wales, particularly rugby league football players who left to play for the richer Sydney clubs. These players would then play against Queensland in interstate matches. In 1980, as a solution to this problem, the Rugby League State of Origin was created to allow Queensland players to play for their original state. This sporting contest played three times a year now exemplifies this rivalry, dominating the media and public attention in those two states during the series.

A Queenslander is born of the festering hatred, resentment, jealousy and perceived injustice, done to them by New South Wales Rugby League (blues), through out history, only those who have been crushed beneath a tyrannical oppressor's heel, can truly know this feeling.

Ah mate here we go a bloody ‘gain

The Blues are whinging and they’re crying

It makes you flaming sick ya know

But it’s a trick we just ain’t buying.

They reckon they have rookies

Who will never make the grade

We know they never had a chance

No matter who they bloody played.

The time draws near, they start to shake

That self doubt will rise again

It will grow on their subconscious

And play havoc with their brain.

Take note how people that you work with

Start avoiding all your crew

Then you realise what is happening

Their skin is turning slimy blue.

Mate this is State Of Origin

It’s a feeling you can’t hide

That tingling through your body

That unbending Queensland pride.

Your guts begin a churning

The sweat pours from your brow.

There is no sitting on the fence

It’s time to take that Queensland vow.

And the Blues they just don’t get it

They can’t understand that pride

How we can love this state so much

Just how we feel deep down inside.

The battle lines are slowly drawn

You know just what I mean

You are either with us or against us

There is bugger all in between.

So bring it on you Roaches

Feel the hatred and the fear

The battle ground will run with blood

Then you will hear our victory cheer.


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