The Aussie Salute

The Aussie salute is the waving of one's hand in front of the face at regular intervals in order to prevent flies from landing on it, or entering your nose or mouth.

Flies on her clacker!

The bush fly, is the species that is the cause of the Aussie salute as opposed to other flies such as the housefly, as the bush fly is attracted to bodily fluids such as sweat, snot, saliva, blood and eyes.

Many overseas tourists spit the dummy when they visit the outback, not realising that the Aussie fly and his relatives are very sociable, and will accompany them on their adventures all day long.
 Its not long before their packing their cork hat, and heading back to their fly proof beach front hotels, beauty spas and champagne. 

Sticky Fly!

The Aussie salute is effective only as long as the flies are not too sticky, and that once a fly has tasted sweat, hand waving is generally useless at encouraging it to leave, with physically wiping the fly off being required.

No Wucking Furries!!

Historically in Australia, the cork hat was worn to discourage flies but has been replaced by insect repellents and mesh masks in areas where the flies swarm.

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