Swimming with sharks

Since pioneering shark cage diving over 40-years ago, Rodney Fox and his son Andrew have been at the very forefront of human interaction with Great White Sharks. As primary advocates for these creatures, their expeditions and research have educated the public and attracted adventurers from around the world.

Soon after his shark attack in 1963, Rodney organised the first ever “Great White Shark Diving Expedition”. He designed and built the original shark proof cage to make the very first ever film of live Great White Sharks. This film was called “Great White Death” and was followed soon after by “Attack by a Killer Shark”. These first films inspired and helped raise the financial backing for Peter Gimbel in 1969 to use Rodney’s shark finding expertise in the classic “Blue Water White Death”. Producing Great Whites was again required of Rodney in 1973 for the live shark sequences in Spielberg and Peter Benchley’s blockbuster "Jaws".

 Just one year after the release of “Jaws” into the cinemas, Rodney lead the very first Cage Diving Expedition for non professional divers to experience "the thrill of the Great White Shark first hand”!

Today they have shark videographer Jennifer "Tinker" Taylor onboard ,and Rodney and Andrew also regularly film parts of each expedition, available as a special memento of your experience. They like to think that on any Fox Expedition, you not only join on a cage diving tour but become an expedition member of the greatest shark experience possible anywhere in the world.

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