Bradley Cooper the Devil in Australia

Bradley Cooper has officially signed on to play Lucifer in director Alex Proyas‘s Paradise Lost. The Associated Press confirmed Bradley Cooper‘s casting, after officials in Australia began touting the project, which they believe will bring with it, more than 1300 jobs and $88 million dollars when production begins in early 2012.

Paradise Lost is based on the legendary verse poem by John Milton and tells the story of Adam and Eve and their temptation by the devil and the war for Heaven. Though Lucifer is supposedly the villain of Paradise Lost many scholars have taken Milton’s portrayal of Satan as that of an anti-hero through which Milton criticized Christian mythology without angering the church leaders of 1667.

Sorry Brad i thought it was only going to be a fart!

Bradley Cooper will begin work on Paradise Lost in Australia early next year after finishing production on The Place Beyond the Pines which is currently beginning production in upstate New York.

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