Tattoo Designs Australia

Tatoo designs Australia
Lucky Diamond Rich is from Australia. When he ran out of room on his body for more tattoo designs he went over the existing tatoos with a black ink.

After completly covering himself black, even his gums and ear canal with tatoo designs, he then tatooed himself with white designs on top, before deciding on colored tattoos on the white.

Lucky has spent more than 1000 hours in the tattoo shop.

Tattoo fail !
And he'll juge your spelling

Tatoo designs on the eye ball

Tatoo Designs Australia has tattoo and body art expos in both Sydney and Melbourne this year

Angel wing tattoo designs are still the most popular of tatoos with both men and women today

 To get the tattoo of your dreams all you need to know are these three simple things:

1.You need to know EXACTLY where on your body you want your tattoo.

2.You need to know EXACTLY how big it should be.

3.You need to know EXACTLY what your tattoo will look like before it's permanent.

These three things add up to one basic concept... IT JUST FEELS RIGHT...!

Give yourself a satisfaction guarantee, avoid mistakes, and have fun test-driving your tattoo.

Before you get close to the needle, take your tattoo for a test drive. With Tattoo Johnny's Tattoo Transfer Paper you can turn any ink jet or laser printer into a temporary tattoo test center.  From only $5.99

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