State of origin 3 2011


Origin Game One –  PLAYED QLD WON 16 - 12

Origin Game Two – PLAYED NSW WON 18 - 8   

Origin Game Three – PLAYED QLD WON 34 - 24 video Below

Queensland Win the series 2 - 1 for the sixth year in a row

The 2011 Rugby League State of Origin series will see the continuation of the biggest rivalry in Australian sport.
The New South Wales Blues will  try to stop the Queensland Maroons from striking up another series win.

Queensland will have the advantage this year with two games scheduled in as home games. .

Described as "sport's greatest rivalry",the State of Origin series is one of Australia's and the region's premier sporting events, attracting a huge television audience and selling out the stadiums in which the games are played. Despite the existence of international tournaments and State of Origin being a domestic competition, it is frequently cited as being the highest-level of rugby league played anywhere in the world.

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