Pig Hunting

Pig hunting tours and safaris, are becoming a great Eco-tourism holiday adventure, for cashed up local, and overseas travellers.

There are now estimated to be over 23 million feral pigs in Australia, concentrated predominantly in NSW, Queensland and across the top of the Northern Territory. In other areas of the country, small isolated populations are present.

The distribution and abundance of feral pigs fluctuates markedly between years based on environmental conditions and availability of food and water.

The Fraser coast council in Queensland paid out $6680 in bounties to 21 people who had killed the destructive animals — and the program has been so successful that another $5000 has been added to its budget.

Ground-based feral pig hunting is considered by many to be good sport. and can be a useful control measure provided the shooting is carried out and supervised by experienced hunters.

Pig hunting is a real challenge, it can be exciting and very risky. As most of us know Pigs are very smart animals, their very cagey, and have excellent hearing and can smell you from a mile away, they also will not hesitate to attack when they are chased and cornered. Their poor eyesight is their only weakness but are still difficult for young and inexperienced hunters to shoot.

Pig hunting tours normally encourage clients to bring their own firearms but firearms can be supplied upon request.

All companies have specialised guides that can cater to shooters, bow hunters and doggers.

Goodhand Outback Experience targets big boars and there is no better place for them on the floodplains of the NT. Boars in excess of 100kg are usually encountered a daily basis. Whether you are experienced or a beginner GOE can cater to your needs.
With good quality comfortable accommodation (not tented camps), Luxury 4x4’s and new Polaris Rangers GOE is one of the best-equipped outfitters in the Territory.

7 Day trip 5 Days Hunting( Inc up to 5 Boars Per person Per day)
Price on Application

Camouflaged Vehicles available

Pig hunting tours to the finest hunting in Northern Queensland - explosive action, big boars, fantastic trophies, wildlife and breathtaking scenery within 2 - 5 hours drive of Townsville airport.

Experience living and hunting amongst picturesque mountains, rivers, bushland, huge river red gums, billabongs, marsh swamps to rocky ravines and gorges where you will have opportunities to shoot at pigs
NO FEES or limits on shooting - Pigs, Boars
Rifles and ammunition can be supplied at $100 each for the duration of the Safari
PIG HUNTING - individual daily rate reduces as the numbers of hunters and days increase,

Pricing at

These are just two of the excellent Pig hunting tours and safaris available you can find more by Googling 
Pig Hunting Tours and safaris Australia.

Do Australia a favour, Shoot a Pig!

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