Bondi Beach

One of many celebrities who visit our fair shores, Snoop Dogg enjoys a leisurely stroll along Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach, what better place to find yourself during 100-plus-degree temperatures in Australia, than along Sydney’s iconic beach.
Bondi beach is also a haven for backpackers, with lots of hostels and bed and breakfast accommodation.

Bondi Beach is one of Australia's most famous beaches and among the world's most well-known beaches. The beach is roughly a kilometre long and is patrolled by TV celebrity lifeguards.
Bondi Rescue is an Australian factual television program which is broadcast on Channel Ten. The program follows the day to day life of the lifeguards at work patrolling Bondi Beach.
Bondi Rescue is also broadcast in the UK, the Republic of Ireland, New Zealand, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, Turkey, Italy, Belgium, Hong Kong and worldwide on National Geographic Adventure.

Bondi beach is the closest beach to the Sydney city centre (8kms), this south facing beach can attract more than 40,000 visitors on a typical summer weekend.

Offering topless sunbathing, swimming and great surfing for boards and bodies, the beach is popular with Australians as well as international tourists.

Amy Winehouse helping out the lifeguards at Bondi

Bondi Beach lifeguards perform around 2,500 rescues over the summer period, dealing with lost children, shark scares, sexual deviants, and thieves on the beach in addition to watching the water. Every once in a while celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, Amy Winehouse, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Russell Crowe, Richard Branson, Hugh Grant, Zac Efron, Rowan Atkinson, David Hasslehoff, and the Indian Cricket Team also make appearances on their shores.

In 2007, the Guinness World Record for the largest swimsuit photo shoot was set at Bondi Beach, with 1,010 women wearing bikinis taking part.

Year after year, thousands of backpackers, travellers, visitors, even locals converge on the golden sands of Bondi Beach to spend Christmas Day at one of Sydney’s iconic beaches. Decked out in bold red Santa hats and proudly wearing Christmas decorations around bikinis, girl elves in short red skirts and men in Santa costumes are common sightings.
Beachgoers park their decorated Christmas trees next to their beach towels, pose for photographs in the front of the surf, even take on to surfboards in their best Christmas beachwear.

Bondi Beach is patrolled 365 days a year

DON'T FORGET - Always swim between the flags

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