Country Women’s Association CWA

The Country Women’s Association of Australia (commonly abbreviated as CWA) is the largest women's organisation in Australia. It has 44,000 members across 1855 branches. Its aims are to improve the conditions for country women and children and to try to make life better for women and their families, especially those women living in rural and remote Australia. The organisation is self-funded, non-party-political and non-sectarian.

The Country Women's Association was formed in both New South Wales and Queensland in 1922. By 1936 there was a branch in each of the States and territories of Australia.

During WWII, most CWA efforts were redirected to supporting the war effort. They entertained and fed men in country training camps, supported the Australian Comforts Fund and knitted garments for soldiers. They particularly took on the task of making camouflage netting for the army from 1942. Over 400 camouflage netting circles were established, producing hundreds of thousands of nets by early 1944. Many members were also left to run the family farm while their husbands were away fighting.

Volunteers from the Country Women’s Association (CWA) packing Australian Comforts Fund (ACF) parcels for sending overseas to service personnel during WWII.

In the postwar years the CWA took an interest in welcoming new migrants – meeting at least two ships a months and providing catering for 1000-2500 migrants a time. They also helped families settle and invited women to branch meetings. Special services were set up for migrant women living in the snowy Mountains

 In 1992, the  Country Women’s Association of Australia was awarded the RSL Anzac Peace Prize in recognition of their outstanding effort in promoting international understanding and contributing to world peace in accordance with best traditions exemplified by the ANZAC spirit.

Today the  Country Women’s Association  awards student scholarships as well as providing instruction and encouraging participation in the fields of drama, art, music, public speaking, cooking and floral art. The organisation runs workshops for older members on how to use computers, electronic banking and ATMs. Submissions are made to governments at all levels on a wide variety of social issues.

Country Women’s Association of Australia is a member of the Associated Country Women of the World, which has non-government organisation status at the United Nations. ACWW has over 9 million members in 62 countries around the world.

In Queensland Younger Sets are a section of the Queensland Country Women’s Association, which is designed especially for young women (married or single). Girls can be members of a Younger Set up to the age of 25. A Younger Set is made up of girls who participate in arts and craft, cookery, international work, hold positions in their Set (such as president, treasurer, international officer, secretary and vice president), community work and fundraising.

The biggest event for Younger Sets each year is Leadership School. Leadership School is a week-long camp which is created as a youth network throughout Queensland drawing together young women from Younger Set’s all over the state. It is held in a different part of Queensland each year during the September School Holidays and is attended by Younger Set members and Associate Members who are 12 and over. Leadership School provides many different competitions allowing girls from each Set to compete against each other. It also has a large range of exciting activities such as Public Speaking, Debating, Handcraft, Outings, and much more!

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Its stated aims are

To bring all women and families together and form a network of support.
To provide a forum for the voice of all women in Australia.
To improve conditions and welfare of all women and families especially in country areas.
To support schemes which enhance the value of country living, especially health and educational facilities.
To encourage development in regional areas and to increase the viability of rural communities and the environment.
To provide a voice to Government at all levels.
To promote International goodwill friendship understanding and tolerance between all people.


Honour to God
Loyalty to the Throne
Service to the Country
Through Country Women
For Country Women
By Country Women

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