Australian Language

Crikey i reckon its carked it mate!
Goodness i think it has died my friend!

Australian English is made up of slang and has many words that some consider unique to the language.The origins of these words are not clear and are often disputed.
Australian Language can be very funny and colourful, below are just a handful of words that Aussies use.

Ankle biter /Young child

Barbie /Barbecue

Billabong /Waterhole

Bluey /Someone with red hair;

Bruce /A man

Bunghole /Mouth

Chinnwag /A good chat

Chooks /Chicken

Cockie /Farmer

Coldie/ A cold beer

Crook /Sick or not functioning

Cruddy /Low quality

Digger /Australian soldier

Dijeridu /Aboriginal musical wind instrument

Dipstick /Fool

Drongo /An idiot

Dunny /The toilet

Evo /Evening

Face fungus/A man's beard

Fair dinkum /Someone or something really genuine

Footy /Rugby League or Aussie Rules 

G'day /Hi or Hello

Get Stuffed/ Go away!

Good on ya mate /Well done there, mate

Grog /Alcohol

Hard Yakka/ hard work

Holy-dooly /An expression of surprise

Iffy /Something questionable

Jackaroo, Jillaroo /Trainee male or female cattle station hand

Jarmies /Pyjamas

Kafuffle /Argument

Liquid amber/ Beer

Mate /Friend

Narkie /Short-tempered

Never Never /Mythical place in the outback

Nong /Idiot

No worries, mate /Don't worry about it

Ocker /Aussie who likes beer, sport and women

Oldies /Parents

Oz /Australia

Pommy, Pom /English person

Prang /Vehicle crash

Prezzies /Gifts

Quack /Doctor

Ripper! /Great!

Rip snorter! /Something really great

Saltie /Saltwater crocodile

Sandgroper /Someone from Western Australia

Sangas /Sandwiches

Sheila /Young woman

Smoko/Morning Tea

Snags /Sausages

Stralian /Australian

Stubby /Small bottle of beer

Tinnie /Can of cold beer

Toey /Very nervous person or in need of  a partner

Top-ender /Someone from Northern Territory

True Blue /Really

Australian Tucker/ Food

Underdaks /Underpants

Uni /University

Veggies /Vegetables

Waterhole /Pub or hotel 

Woomera /Stick used by Aborigines to throw spears

Wowser /Old-fashioned, prudish

Yabbie /Freshwater Australian crayfish

Yam /Fictional story

Zonked /Really tired

ZZZs /Get some sleep

These are just a handful of Australian language or slang words, if you no more please leave them in the comment box below.

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