Australian Aboriginal Music

Australian Aboriginal Music has formed  part of the social, cultural and ceremony, of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, throughout their individual, and collective histories to this present day. The traditional forms of Australian Aboriginal Music, include many aspects of performance, and use of musical instruments, such as the  didgeridoo, Sticks, Boomerang clap sticks, hollow log drum, notched stick, bunches of seed pods, skin drum (whose head is made from lizard or goanna skin), or  using what is unique to the different regions, of Indigenous Australian groups. The culture of the Torres Strait Islanders is related to that of adjacent parts of New Guinea and so their music is also related.

Australian Aboriginal Music is a vital part of Indigenous Australians' cultural maintenance.

Here is a sample of the traditional music of the native people of Australia.
Enjoy this masterpiece of aboriginal folk music and the fascinating sound of the didgeridoo (the traditional aboriginal wooden "drone pipe")! This song was composed, and is performed and sung by Richard Walley, one of the greatest and most famous Australian Aboriginal composers and musicians.

 Australian Aboriginal Music
For all of you out there that love the sound of the didgeridoo on this video, here is  Richard Walley`s

album. "boolong"


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