Goanna Recipes

Goannas are a protected species throughout Australia

Goannas are found throughout most of Australia, except for Tasmania, and manage to persist in a variety of environments. Most species are known to climb trees or outcrops, there are plenty of primarily arboreal species.

It is used by the aboriginal people for bush medicine and is a stable source of food hunted by  both men and women.

Flame roasted Goanna

Source : Mjhall.org

You can catch the goanna in trees or on the ground. When they're in trees you throw a stick at them. If they're in the ground you might have to dig it out of the ground. If you want to cook the Goanna throw it on to burning flames to singe the skin. Cook them in ashes (put them over the ashes). If it is pregnant lay it on its belly so the eggs do not burst.

Hunting Goannas

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