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A travel blog is a web based journal. Lots of travellers write down a daily journal or at least intend to, so the idea is that you  write down your journal online.
The objective is to start your blog, by writing articles and offering advice to new travellers, journey charting maps, video uploads and providing a friendly place to chat about travel.
I learnt from this site, how to make money with a travel blog, and now i am able to enjoy the freedom of living wherever I want, and traveling whenever I want.

Starting a Online Travel Agency

A travel agency is a retail business that sells travel related products and services to customers on behalf of suppliers such as airlines, car rentals, cruise lines, hotels, railways, sightseeing tours and package holidays that combine several products.

You can stay in 5-star hotels with the best of upgrades and get paid to do so. 85% of travel is now booked you can lie on the sunny beach or hike through the forest and check your laptop computer a couple of times a day to see how many people booked travel on your website. You receive a commission from your own booking plus get discounts from most places since you're a travel agent...........all while the employees in the finest hotels treat you like kings & queens because you are a travel agent...........and they need your support and business so theirs can continue!

1. Fill out business license applications as required by local, state and federal agencies.

2. Select your target market and decide which travel category to specialize in. For example, baby boomers tend to travel the most and enjoy taking cruises. Therefore, baby boomers might represent the target market while cruises represent the specialty category.

3. Learn as much as you can about your specialty category. Avoid taking expensive courses. Ask suppliers what type of free training they provide.

4. Set up a website where people can book their own flights, hotel or cruises directly from providers. Spend time online researching the best website hosting deals.

5.Visit the QuickBooker website and sign up for an affiliate account. Set up travel and hotel booking with their system directly on your website for free.

6. Look for travel and cruise suppliers that offer the same service as QuickBooker.

7. If you live in the U.S. Join the National Association of Commissioned Travel Agents (NACTA) if you can afford it. They offer members a list of suppliers and training resources.

8. Advertise by handing out fliers and business cards. Submit your website URL to search engines. Buy magnetic signs for your vehicle or place stick-on vinyl letters with your website URL on your rear window.

9. Use your website to allow customers to book their own flights and to get help directly from suppliers. Provide a customer service number for questions or help with booking.

10. Spend most of your time advertising. Take your home-based travel agency seriously and start living the  dream.

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