Deadly Snakes in Australia

Red Bellied Black Snake

On average two to three Australians die annually from snake bite, with eastern browns accounting for about half of those deaths.

Queenslanders have been warned of high numbers of deadly eastern brown snakes this summer of 2011-2012, after a woman died from a snake bite in the state's southwest town of Warwick this month.
The woman had been working in her garden at Wheatvale near Warwick on Wednesday night when she was bitten several times by the snake.

King Brown

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare statistics show 1750 Australians were hospitalised for snake bites in 2002-05 but only two to three die annually from snakes.

Brown Snake

George Cann (1897–1965) entertained crowds when he worked at a snake pit called ‘The Loop’ in La Perouse from 1920 until the 1960s. He was a legendary collector of snakes from areas around Sydney and, it is said, could catch up to 40 snakes in a day. In his yard, he created large pits that were used to house his snake collection. He was the curator of reptiles at the Taronga Park Zoo for 20 years, and died of a stroke in 1965.

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