Australia Economy

Australia now ranks as the 14th largest economy in the world (measured by GDP), and the 4th largest in the Asia Pacific region. Due to a relatively high-growth and low-inflation economy, supported by robust political and economic institutions, and an internationally competitive business sector.

Australia is also home to a well-developed, innovative and highly-regarded financial services industry and capital market.

Australia has become an attractive investment destination for global investors as well as home to many major multinational financial services providers. With a diverse investor group comprised of 40% foreign investors, 40% domestic institutional investors and 20% retail investors, the Australian equity market is well placed in the global economy.

Australia’s steady economic growth has also been aided by a resources boom that has seen its economy emerge as one of the largest global suppliers of raw materials (coal, iron ore, etc). This fertile resources sector makes up around 7.5% of Australia’s total economy, with the remainder being comprised of financial services (10.8%), manufacturing (9.3%) and construction (7.8%).

This distribution broadly mirrors that of the Australian equity market, with the largest sectors being financial services (35%) and resources (23%).

Australia and its firm international standing is reflected in the fact that Australia’s three largest trading partners, China, Japan and the United States - are also the three largest economies in the world; and its two largest investment partners - the US and UK – are home to the world’s largest capital markets.

Today, more people are investing in Australian shares than ever before. The Australian sharemarket has offered better long-term returns than most other investments.

Unlike property, you don't need a large deposit - and you don't have to pay stamp duty or legal fees. You can usually sell Australian shares and access your money in a few days. You can start investing with as little as $500, plus brokerage.

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