American Emu

"I was born in the USA" "I was born in the USA"

Emus are native to Australia and were originally imported to the United States as breeding stock for American zoos. They have quickly grown in popularity to today's premier alternative livestock for the American farmer.

It is believed that the emu is a survivor of prehistoric times and dates back some 80 million years roaming the outback of Australia. The Aborigine tribes relied upon the emu for their existence. The emu provided them with food, clothing, shelter, and spiritual sustenance. The emu is now playing a large role in the future of American agriculture.
The expanding emu inventory in the United States is domestically bred. As research and information sharing increase, the American emu is emerging as the industry standard. The American breeder market is vigorous and can be made profitable for small and large participants.

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The eggs are edible consisting of approximately 10 chicken eggs. The egg is mostly yolk but has a much milder flavor than other poultry. It is excellent when used in cooking.

Long known for its healing and penetrating properties, emu oil is well suited for cosmetic and pharmaceuticals. For thousands of years, the Aborigines have used the oil in the treatment of muscle aches, sore joints, inflammation, and swelling.
Emu oil is rendered from the fat of the emu, collected mainly from the back and the rump. Each emu can yield an average of 5 to 6 liters of deep-penetrating natural oil.

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Emu leather is an exceptionally durable, beautifully detailed, very supple, breathable leather perfect for designer apparel, handbags, boots, and other accessories. One hundred percent of the emu body hide has an attractive full-quilled pattern. The surface visually shimmers due to the raised imprints left from the feather follicle structure. Emu leather has the ability to accept and enhance any color dye. Fashion designers find the skin from the legs a suitable substitute for certain hides from endangered species because of the wonderful reptilian texture.
For today's U.S. farmer/rancher/homesteader, emu farming offers an alternative cash crop. With minimal investment in facilities and land area, excellent feed conversion ratio, and an established worldwide market evolving, the emu will provide a stable cash return to its owners now and in the years to come

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