Short Film Australian Beer

The True Power of Australian Beer' is a 2010 University of British Columbia (UBC) short film based on actual events. Over the years I've seen friends, family and strangers harness the true power of a good beer (You all know who you are and what I've seen you do). I would like to thank all these people for showing me the benefits of downing a few to many cold one's and supplying me with the inspiration for my film.

As this was my final project for the UBC film department I wanted to inject a touch of Australian culture and class into their mundane Canadian lives. There was no better way of doing this than by introducing them all to VB, one of Australia's favourite sons. And though no one appreciated that I tried to give the set that authentic Ozy beach feel, by turning the heat all the way up and supplying cast and crew with budgie smugglers, the shoot was still a success. We'll, what I remember of it...
I hope you all enjoy the film and remember there's nothing better for you than an ice-cold beer.

Steven Geddes  Producer

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