Fosters Aussie Abroad

Foster's Lager is an internationally distributed Australian brand.

In recent years, Foster's has consistently sold in the region of 500 million litres each year in the UK, making it the best selling beer after Carling. While international marketing of the beer often focuses on its Australian connections, Foster's does not enjoy widespread popularity in Australia.

Foster's Lager is an internationally distributed Australian brand of 5.0% abv pale lager, (4% in the UK.) It is a product of Foster's Group brewed under licence in several countries, including the U.S.and Russia.

The European rights to the beer are owned by Heineken International, who brew and distribute Foster's in most European countries, including: the United Kingdom, Greece, France, Belgium, Portugal, Poland, Finland, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine and Ireland. In the United States and India, rights to the brand are owned by SABMiller. In Canada, Foster's is brewed by Molson Canada under licence from Forster's Brewing International.

Foster's Lager has been imported into the UK from Australia in its distinctive blue, white and gold cans since the early 1970s.

Awareness of the brand was spread in Britain by the satirical political magazine "Private Eye" which ran a cartoon series "The Adventures of Barry McKenzie", featuring a bumbling Foster's swilling Australian "ex-pat", from about 1964 onwards.

Fosters despite some initial success in Australia, (bolstered by heavy advertising), the brand did not prove popular and was eventually withdrawn from sale. Arguably, at the end of this failed exercise Foster's Lager was no longer viewed by consumers as a "premium" brand, and has not been promoted in Australia recently.

The Foster's Group has tended to promote the brands of Carlton Draught (mainstream market) and Victoria Bitter (working class male market).

Power's Brewery, south of Brisbane, was taken over by CUB and is now used to brew Victoria Bitter and other Foster's Group brands in Queensland, (including Foster's Lager).

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