Gold Logie 2011 Odds firm

North Queensland Boy does good!

Favourite son of North Queensland Karl Stefanovic, has done all Queenslanders proud, by being nominated for the Gold Logie for his role as co-host of the Nine Networks Today show.

A nice country kid, Karl worked very hard to get where he is today. He studied at the Queensland University of Technology to graduate with a degree in journalism, and then began working for WIN Television in Rockhampton and Cairns as a cadet reporter, before going to New Zealand for 2 years, working for TVNZ.

In 2003, Karl was posted to Los Angeles as one of the Nine Network's US correspondents

Veteran TV actor Shane Bourne will host the 2011 Logie Awards. Shane said "I've always enjoyed myself immensely at the Logies, and since the chances of a nomination coming my way this year look pretty slim, I figure it's not a bad way of making sure I score an invitation."

The first awards, known as the TV Week Awards, were instigated by TV Week magazine after the first voting coupons were released in the magazine in late 1958, two years after the introduction of television in Australia. The first awards saw no formal ceremony; they were presented on 15 January 1959 on an episode of In Melbourne Tonight. Only Melbourne television personalities were nominated and awards were given in eight categories, including two for American programs.

The following year, Kennedy coined the name 'Logie Awards'. In the same year, the first Gold Logie, considered by some to be equivalent to the 'Star of the Year Award' presented in 1959, was presented.

Former Gold Logie winner Rebecca Gibney heads Gold Logie betting at $2.60

Karl Stefanovic 3.00

Jessica Marais 4.50

Adam Hills 9.50

Asher Keddie 100.00

Chrissie Swan 500.00

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