Australian Game Fishing on land

Land-based game fishing is a form of fishing where anglers attempt to catch game fish, that are generally caught from ocean going boats, off the shore. Commonly targeted species include billfish (marlin and sailfish) and the larger tunas (bluefin, yellowfin) are the main species recognized as big-game fish.

The amazing photo above is Australian fishing legend Vicki Winter-Lear she is the only woman in the world to capture a Marlin landbased on 10kg line class.

Smaller game fish, such as Spanish mackerel, dolphinfish, wahoo, smaller tuna species such as albacore and skipjack tuna, Australian longtail.

The locations for such activities are generally rock platforms, though wharfs, jetties and beaches are also common. Some species such as sharks can be targeted in shallow water, however most other species prefer deep water, and this often dictates the areas suitable for land based game fishing. Tackle used is usually comparable to that used for these species from boats, but some differences are necessary such as rod length. Different tackle is used according to location and species targeted.

In some areas big-game species can be caught by land-based anglers, with the rock platforms of Jervis Bay in New South Wales, Australia being probably the most well-known. Black marlin of up to 200 lbs have been caught here by anglers floating out baits on balloons.

Tasmania further south, still receives the East Australian Currents that are so keenly watched by game fisherman, bringing warm water and many game fish. These currents also bring fish close enough to shore for the land based game fisherman to target. Fish such as yellowtail kingfish, tuna, sharks and many bait species have the opportunity to be caught from the ocean rocks.

Peak times for land based fishing would be March and April.

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