Long necked turtles

The common long-necked turtle, has as its most distinctive feature its extremely long neck. In some cases, this turtle's neck can be as long as its shell. It is a type of side-necked turtle, meaning that it bends its head sideways into its shell rather than pulling it directly back.

These turtles are found in the inland slow-moving freshwater habitats such as swamps, dams, and lakes of Australia, from northern Queensland to South Australia. They prefer a soft, sandy bottom and will bask on logs or rocks during the day.

An ongoing survey of the unique relationship between Indigenous communities and the Northern Territory’s Daly River has revealed the long-neck turtle surpasses Barramundi as the most commonly taken bush tucker food.

 Long necked turtles are a protected species like all Australian native wildlife. Indigenous Australians can collect  them for food.. They cook them whole on a low fire, covering them with hot coals. They are ready when the shell shatters easily when struck.

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