This is didgeridoo player Larry 'Winiwini' Gurruwiwi, an extraordinary talent and son of famed didgeridoo craftsman Djalu Gurruwiwi. In north-east Arnhem Land where Larry and Djalu come from, the didgeridoo is known as the 'yirdaki'. You might also sometimes see it spelt 'yidaki'.

Djalu and his spectacular hand-crafted instruments were what sparked the worldwide didgeridoo craze starting from the mid-1990s. iDIDJ Australia always has a good selection of Djalu's fine yirdaki available as well as didgeridoos made by other members of Djalu's family including son Larry Winiwini, his wife Dopiya Yunupingu, and daughter Lena Djapilawuy. These didgeridoos typically have that thunderous quality cherished by the Galpu clan. As well as excellent backpressure that requires little effort on the part of the didgeridoo player and a booming voice that relates to the Ancestral power of Wititj the Olive Python.

Djalu is holding a Masterclass in Arnhem Land for those interested in learning more about this unique musical instruments. Details are on Djalu's website:

To learn more about the didgeridoo and traditional Aboriginal culture, visit: